Narrow Margin

NEW STORY: 3/23/2011

Local reporter, Marcia Gawecki, tracks down the stories that explore the "narrow margin" between fame and obscurity lurking in and around our small town of Idyllwild. Marcia is on hiatus this week so we are publishing an article from her colleague, Diane A. Rhodes. This week's focus is the former Miss America from 1942 who lives in Idyllwild, Jo-Carroll Dennison. (Story courtesy of The Press Enterprise).

  1. Jo Carroll Dennison - 3/24/2011 - Miss America
  2. Casey Abrams - 2/10/2011 - American Idol
  3. Pete Holzman - 1/19/2011 - Furniture Maker
  4. Emerson Bixby - 2/4/2011 - Producer - Director

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