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Green Cafe Internet offers the following services:

High Speed Internet
Includes DSL and Wireless. We no longer require a phone line to install high speed internet.
We offer speeds from 1 to 7 MBPS.
Packages start at $19.95 / Month. Prices subject to change at anytime as the local phone company is migrating to a new one

Computer Repair
We fix both Mac and Windows desktops and laptops. We can fix them
at your home or business or at our repair facility located in Idyllwild, California.
Repair rates at $30.00 per Repair. Working on Macintosh platform since January 1985.

Home Phone Service including Nationwide Calling
This requires a phone line and a modem. Speeds are limited. The service is nationwide.
Cost - $19.95/Month

Website Hosting
We will host your website on our own dedicated servers.
Packages start at $80.00/Year

Website Design

Custom Programming

Phone: (951) 659-6000

Email: info at greencafe dot com