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Local Color at Work

Some snapshots from our July 1999 recording sessions in Chuck Alvarez's Studio.
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Here is most of the group at work.
Photo of group singing
(The Full Image is 54k)

from left to right, Chuck, Sherry, Cindy, Dora, Eva, Doris, Barbara, Dee, Trish, Robin, Connie, Susie, and Anna is directing.

Photo of Anna and Chuck Talking
(The Full Image is 99k)

Anna and Chuck are talking about the last take...

Photo of the Group in the Studio
(The Full Image is 38k)

The Soprano Divas..
Sherry, Cindy, Janice and Dora.

Photo  in the Studio
(The Full Image is 37k)

Singing the Middle ..
Merry, Trish, Eva and Dee (Mallory is taking the photographs.)

Photo  in the Studio
(The Full Image is 37k)

The Tenors Carrying the Base Notes and Humor are
Barbara, Doris, Connie and Suzy.

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