TeRI Traffic Education thru Reported Incidents
TERI maps color coded markers of ongoing traffic incidents as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) or Freeway Service Patrol (FSP). Each marker is clickable and will provide additional incident information. Panning or zooming can help to reveal obscured incidents. TERI's primary goal is to to reduce injury and death due to traffic collisions.

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5 Incidents - 5 Mapped @ 07/28/14 07:18 AM

Idyllwild: 1   LA: 23   Orange County: 7   Riverside: 8   San Diego: 8

 DATE   TIME    AREA  INCIDENT            
 07/28 6:55 AM Bakersfield Traffic Hazard
 07/28 6:44 AM Fort Tejon Car Fire
 07/28 6:39 AM Fort Tejon Animal Hazard
 07/28 5:36 AM Buttonwillow Trfc Collision-No Injuries
 07/2812:26 AM BF Traffic Advisory